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Welcome to the homepage of Aluetaito Oy! We are a Finnish engineering firm offering a wide range of geotechnical services, soil investigations, and architectural planning. Our clients include construction companies, municipalities, and private entities who value high-quality design and reliable information about soil properties, as well as visually impressive architecture.

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Why Choose Aluetaito?

Aluetaito offers its clients multidisciplinary expertise based on over 20 years of experience in geotechnical design, soil investigations, and architectural planning. Our specialized team of experts combines these skills to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for every project. We are committed to ensuring that each of our services meets the highest professional standards and our clients’ expectations, making us a reliable partner for even the most demanding projects.


Reliability and transparency are the cornerstones of our operations. At Aluetaito, we are committed to keeping our clients informed about all details related to their projects, ensuring a transparent process from start to finish. Our innovativeness is manifested in our continuous desire to develop and integrate the latest technology and methods, allowing us to always offer the best solutions on the market. This approach enables us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and contribute to their success.

We are a customer-focused Finnish local family business. In our company, solid experience meets fresh approaches. A good plan is created not only through expertise, but also through the interaction between the customer and the designer.

Geotechnical design

We provide comprehensive geotechnical design that includes assessments of soil bearing capacity, design of foundation structures, and technical solutions related to retaining walls. We utilize the latest technology and deep regional knowledge to ensure that each project is technically optimized and economically viable.

Architectural planning and principal design

We offer a wide range of architectural services from conceptual design to implementation planning. We specialize particularly in principal design, combining aesthetic vision with technical expertise to ensure that every construction project is both visually and functionally perfect.

Soil investigations and soil studies

We conduct high-quality soil investigations that provide crucial information about the composition and properties of the soil. Our data assist our clients in making informed decisions in construction projects, reducing risks, and promoting safe construction practices.

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Our careful, skilled, and efficient staff serves our customers flexibly and with high quality. We invest in the professional skills of our staff. We use a quality system, which we continue to develop to provide even better service to our customers.



Juha Porre

- Municipal engineering design
- Soil investigations
- Geotechnical design

  Tel. +358 40 838 3281


Kaisa Porre

- Environmental engineering
- Landscape design

  Tel. +358 44 333 1173

Aluetaito Oy


Aluetaito Oy is a versatile and service-oriented planning office. Cost-effective solutions add value to our clients’ projects. We offer services ranging from initial research in the construction project to the implementation of the final product.


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